A faith-filled education at St Joseph’s Lochinvar

The Religious Studies faculty at St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar, gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the school culture and gain an understanding of what it means to be educated in a Catholic School.

As an integral part of a student’s education, Religious Studies provides students with a sense and understanding of Catholic beliefs and practices, as well as what it means to belong to a community where all members are respected and nurtured, grounded in Christ and Gospel values within the Josephite tradition.

Religious Studies teaches students the fundamental values of being good people and showing compassion for others and for creation, helping to shape well-informed and valuable young adults.

Along with this, St Joseph’s curriculum lends itself to exploring the Josephite charism and how to live this in a practical way. This gives students a chance to grow and develop academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

A time for reflection

Students in Years 10 and 12 have the opportunity to develop and understand their spiritual selves during a school retreat which focuses on the key points of their own unique spiritual journeys.

Students also experience at least one reflection and community day each year, focused around the theme for that year group.

These days assist in bringing the year group closer as a community and help students understand their relationship with God, others and their role in society. They provide opportunities to explore faith at a deeper level which complements the Religious Studies curriculum.

Students within the college are given many opportunities to experience class Masses and participate in liturgies, whether as part of the whole school, a year group or within class groups. This assists in forming a vibrant Eucharistic community.

Putting faith into practice

Putting faith into practice means ensuring students understand their moral obligation as members of a Catholic community.  Within the Religious Studies curriculum, students gain the theological background behind why and how to put faith into action.

This is supported at St Joseph’s in a number of ways through the Social Justice Support Plan. This provides students with an opportunity to engage themselves wholeheartedly in what it means to be Catholic and part of the Josephite tradition, putting others before themselves.

This may take place in the form of fundraising and charity to the marginalised and less fortunate members of society, offering ‘a hand up’.

Students at St Joseph’s also help raise awareness around the need to work for justice and change through a number of organisations including DARA’s Van, CatholicCare, Catholic Mission, Caritas Australia (Project Compassion) and any other organisations or communities as needs arise.