GALLERY: Two schools add a dash of colour to the Newcastle City sky

Adamstown and Federal Parks were filled with plumes of colour and big smiles on Friday 3 November, as St Columba’s Primary School, Adamstown and St Patrick's Primary School, Wallsend students participated in colour runs as part of their annual fundraisers.

At Adamstown Park, Principal Justin Hutchens of St Columba’s took to the microphone to welcome parents, friends and students to the festivities, encouraging everybody to have fun and enjoy the school community spirit.

The day was beautiful and sunny, a perfect backdrop for the event. Students ran covered in colours as they made their way around the course negotiating shots from super soakers and sprays of dyes, with cries of laughter heard all round. Fun and excitement was the name of the game as music blared from speakers and parents ran up to their children for the obligatory #colourrun selfie.

Over at Federal Park in Wallsend, it was a similar situation, but with super soakers swapped out in preference to the local fire department who had offered their time by hosing the students with the truck’s fire hose. No student escaped getting wet.

St Patrick’s Principal, Grant Diggins took to the microphone adorned in a colourful tutu that encapsulated the mood of the day.

“It has been a fabulous fundraiser but also a fabulous community day with lots of parents and staff involved,” said Mr Diggins.

School Captain, Maddy McTaggart also shared her thoughts on the event saying, “It was so fun; it’s one of the best events that we’ve had. It was great that we all got to get all messy and rainbow coloured”.

This fun filled events not only put a smile on everyone’s faces, but they also helped raise significant funds for the schools. St Columba’s raised in excess of $8000 that they plan to use to extend the outdoor playground and St Patrick’s raised over $12,000 which will contribute to getting students new computer equipment and soccer goals.

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