We celebrate our mothers

On Friday 12 May, schools around our diocese celebrated Mother’s Day with barbecues, liturgies, homemade gifts, breakfasts and special performances.

St Joseph’s Primary School, Denman, welcomed mothers, grandmothers and even fathers to come together for a fun-filled afternoon.

Sharing a special liturgy together, the school community had a wonderful opportunity to thank God for the special people in our lives, for the time we share with them and to show that we love them unconditionally.

Showing a strong sense of community, St Joseph’s held a lavish afternoon tea for families with scones, slice, cakes and muffins. Principal Aaron Moon even showcased his barista skills making Nespresso coffees for the families.

To end the day, the annual scavenger hunt encouraged families to work together, using clues supplied to find letters to form the statement, ‘My Mum Rocks’. After this fun activity, a posy of flowers was given to all the mums to show appreciation and thanks for everything they do.

St Joseph’s highly values its parents and community. Coming together to celebrate Mother’s Day is a beautiful way to show how much we appreciate them all.

Down the highway, the community of Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton, came together to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mothers and grandmothers were invited for a delicious breakfast of croissants and a cup of tea or coffee. The special breakfast was followed with a liturgy that celebrated the special place that mother’s play in our lives.

Kindergarten offered a beautiful tribute to their mothers through song and finished off with a reflective slideshow presentation with photographs of students with the mothers and grandmothers.

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Gabrielle Sutherland Image
Gabrielle Sutherland

Gabrielle Sutherland is a Marketing & Communications Officer for the Catholic Schools Office and a regular contributor to mnnews.today and Aurora.

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Aaron Moon

Aaron Moon is the Principal of St James' Primary School, Muswellbrook.