St Joseph’s strike gold at Australian All Schools Triathlon

On Friday 21 April, the intermediate girl’s triathlon team from St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen, won gold at the Australian All Schools Triathlon Festival (ASTF) in Penrith.

Larnie Chapman, Chloe Hollingsworth and Kate Lloyd joined forces to represent their school, coming home as national champions.

The three girls are dedicated athletes who train hard and always extend themselves in whatever sport they compete in.

In a very competitive race involving teams from across Australia, the girls performed exceptionally well showing tremendous spirit and commitment to their team.

With Larnie in the 800m swim, Chloe took the lead position in the 10km cycle while Kate maintained first place in the final 4km run.

Larnie is a member of the Denman Amateur swimming club where she follows a strict training regime each week. She prefers middle to long distance swimming across a variety strokes.

Chloe on the other hand, has been a member of the NSW Triathlon Identity Program for the past two years. She trains for each of the three events in preparation and participates regularly in triathlons under the guidance of her coach in Newcastle. Chloe also participated in her individual intermediate event where she placed 14th and was part of the NSW relay team that placed fourth.

Kate is a member of the Aberdeen Athletics Club and trains most days throughout the week to keep fit and remain competitive in Athletics.

All girls are involved a variety of sports including netball, touch football and league tag where they will soon take their skills to the track at our forthcoming Diocesan Cross Country event.

The girls are dedicated and devoted athletes that enjoy their sport and were extremely excited to be rewarded with a gold medal.

“We are proud of each other’s efforts to achieve such an incredible feat. It was an exciting moment to realise we had actually won a national title,” said one student.

The inaugural ASTF is a new multi-sport initiative that caters for all aspiring athletes from secondary schools in Australia. Presented by School Sport Australia and Triathlon Australia, students can gain selection by excelling at the NSW All Schools Championships.

For more information or interest in registering your school, please click here

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