Music and fun with a mission

According to the students at St Joseph's Primary School, Kilaben Bay, Mission Fun Day is the best day of the year!

For 16 years, Mission Fun Day has seen the students of St Joseph's raising funds to support Catholic Mission in a creative and fun way. It began under the principalship of Mr David Woodward who had a very strong commitment to supporting the Church's missionary activity.

Mission Fun Day begins with a presentation by Mr Richard Cootes, School Liaison Officer for Catholic Mission. Richard provides information about the projects that Catholic Mission is supporting in a liturgical setting with songs, prayers, movement and a Gospel story. Richard engages the students for a full hour with narratives and visuals about needy children which is an eye-opening experience for the students to realise the level of poverty that children experience in other parts of the world. This experience helps students to gain a great sense of purpose for the fundraising activities that follow Richard's presentation.

“I love Mr Cootes coming to the school because I like to understand where our fundraising in going and learning about the young kids and families in need,” says Year 6 student, Paige Wheeler.

“Hearing the stories in the liturgy makes me feel extremely grateful for what I have and has convinced me to donate more and give a helping hand!”  

Following the liturgy, the students run a variety of competitions and games which they are responsible for planning. Competitions and games include bowling, soccer goal shots, lob-a-choc, guessing competitions and the teddy bear competition, as well as activities such as nail painting, face painting  and coloured hair spraying. The students also run stalls that offer loot bags, bracelets, popcorn, cakes, ice cream and pink lemonade for sale, and a disco in the Year 5 classrooms – a popular venue on the day.

Although it's a "fun" day, serious matters are addressed, with this year’s focus on Catholic Mission's outreach in Cambodia, where the Church has seen a need to assist children with physical and intellectual disabilities and provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.

Mission Fun Day is a wonderful demonstration of St Joseph’s school spirit and mission within the school.

“The fun activities are all fantastic because every activity you do or everything you buy goes to the resources, shelter, food, education centres or medication for those in need,” says Paige.

“Mission Fun Day is important because we need to change the world!”   

The preparation for Mission Fun Day begins a few weeks before the event and would not be successful without the generous donations of prizes and supplies from St Joseph's families and the staff who enthusiastically involve themselves in preparation for the day's  activities.

Mission Fun Day is a great day in the life of our school.

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