Looking for the perfect match IMAGE Aurora

Looking for the perfect match

November 25, 2020 Helen Ellis

The gift of blood can mean so much to so many. For Jennifer Boulton, it is the decision to go one step further and become a bone marrow donor that can be a truly life changing choice and one she encourages people to make.

Fratelli Tutti: Pope Francis delivers new teaching  IMAGE Aurora

Fratelli Tutti: Pope Francis delivers new teaching

November 25, 2020 Maria Power

Pope Francis has delivered a message to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and people of goodwill everywhere which aims to soothe the fear caused by the coronavirus pandemic and unite communities riven by racism, inequality and climate change.

Language of respect unites IMAGE Aurora

Language of respect unites

November 25, 2020 Lizzie Snedden

When Judy met Mick in 1964 they began dating; however, she was not convinced they would last long.

Signalling virtue and unmasking vice  IMAGE Aurora

Signalling virtue and unmasking vice

November 25, 2020 Sally Cloke

It’s not hard to stand out in a crowd. You don’t need beauty or fame. Just keep wearing your facemask when those around have given up on theirs.

Schools can counter pessimism  IMAGE Aurora

Schools can counter pessimism

November 25, 2020 Scott Donohoe

Hope is God’s gift to us. But because it is a virtue, it is a gift that has to be cultivated, nurtured and practiced … (Paul J. Wadell, 2016 in Hope: The forgotten virtue of our time)

Cure presents conundrum  IMAGE Aurora

Cure presents conundrum

November 23, 2020 Bernadette Tobin

The prospect of a vaccine against COVID-19 raises our hopes for a recovery from the hardships and inconveniences of living with a pandemic. However, it also presents us with some ethical questions worth careful thought. Let me mention just two.

Call of the spirit answered IMAGE Aurora

Call of the spirit answered

November 23, 2020 Lizzie Snedden

"It felt like coming home."

Nicole Murphy describes her experience of completing initiation into the Catholic Church 36 years after being baptised.

Moments to cherish IMAGE Aurora

Moments to cherish

November 20, 2020 Alexander Foster

Erin Gehrig has always loved children and being a witness to their growth and development. As a teen, she undertook voluntary work experience at an early education service and following this set her sights on working in the industry. Erin began working for St Nicholas Early Education at its Chisholm centre in 2018, before joining the Maitland operation when it opened its doors earlier this year. She draws on almost a decade of experience in the industry to mentor her colleagues on St Nicholas’s programs and practices.

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