Upcoming Events this November

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is presenting a range of free online presentations and courses this November.

Nicholas King SJ presents: Bringing the Gospel to Life

Wednesday, 4 November, 6.30pm-8pm

This November we are blessed to have Father Nicholas King SJ, the Assistant Catholic Chaplain at Oxford University visit us virtually with his presentation Bringing the Gospel to Life.

Many people nowadays think that the Bible is “old-fashioned” and rather dead. In this session we shall be looking at ways in which it is possible to find the Gospel as a source of life, looking at some passages from Paul, Matthew, Luke and John.

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Communion of Saints: presented by the Formation and Education team over four weeks

Commencing Thursday November 5 to 19, 6.30pm-8pm

Join us on a four week journey this November as we address the key questions:

  • What are the origins and meaning of the Communion of Saints?
  • What is the Church, if not the Assembly of all the Saints?
  • Why is Mary so deeply connected to the Communion of Saints?
  • Who are the Saints that expressed an active witness to the Catholic faith?

Participants will engage in a range of activities which will allow them to discover the beauty of the Communion of Saints through Church teachings, art, music and story.

Participants will be required to engage in some pre-reading before each session.

The sessions will be active and require contributions from participants.

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Relationships Matter: presented by the Formation and Education team

Wednesday, 11 November, 7pm- 8.30pm

Are you single, dating, engaged, in a committed relationship, preparing for your first child or married? If so, this Zoom information session will benefit you! Robyn Donnelly is an experienced facilitator and coordinator of Marriage and Relationship Education programs and will be sharing with participants the research around “I to We” concept and its benefits to your relationship.

Robyn Donnelly is an experienced facilitator and coordinator of Marriage & Relationship Education programs and will be sharing with participants the research around:

I to We concept (from Me to We) and its benefits to your relationship, two dimensions of Commitment – Personal Dedication Vs Constraint Commitment. Research from the Gottman Institute to strengthen relationships called The Sound Relationship House Theory which helps to affair proof your marriage by increasing understanding of building your friendship. Robyn will cover strategies to build strong emotional bank accounts by explaining small things often.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Password: 407432

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Dr Michael Smith SJ presents: Why Pilgrimage?

Tuesday, 17 November, 7pm-8pm

This November we are blessed to have Father Michael Smith SJ present about the importance of pilgrimage.

What makes us embark on a pilgrimage? Going on a pilgrimage usually starts as a personal call, an invitation to leave our comfort zones.

Sometimes, depending on our age and experience, there can be feeling that we need to be reconciled with our past. Sometimes it involves a question about the future:  What do I really want? Sometimes the call to pilgrimage is the recognition that we need to change. Sometimes it's about facing an unresolved crisis. Sometimes we walk because life has slowly dried out our souls. For some the motivation for pilgrimage is a thirst for life, a thirst for God, a thirst to encounter Jesus Christ, a thirst for the inner guidance of the Spirit. Life wounds all of us, and pilgrimage can be a means of healing and reconciliation. The desire of the pilgrim is to be reconciled and to return home healed and ready for new adventures knowing that life itself is a pilgrimage.

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Nicholas King SJ presents: Mark- The Strangest Gospel

Wednesday, 18 November, 6.30pm-8pm

2020 has been a year of learning, COVID-19 has taught us many lessons about the importance of relationships, the dignity of the human person and how we can work together to build the Kingdom of God. The teachings in Matthew’s Gospel have equipped in such an unusual year.

When Advent comes, we shall turn our focus to the Gospel of Mark. It is the shortest and the earliest of the four Gospels; it is simple and direct with a sense of urgency. Mark presents Jesus as a man of actions rather than words, a man of power and miracles. Yet this powerful Son of God was the suffering servant who would give up His life as a ransom for all mankind. Mark’s clear purpose was to encourage those enduring persecution, and not coping very well with it. He also wanted to them to know who Jesus was.

Mark: The Strangest Gospel. This talk will examine the shortest gospel, and that which was almost certainly the first to be written (so Mark invented the gospel form); the session will look at the oddity of this remarkable text.

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Q & A with Father Anthony Coloma

Wednesday, 25 November, 6.30pm-8pm

Father Anthony Coloma answers some difficult questions about moral choices, sin and forgiveness.

Join us as we explore questions about making moral choices in a contemporary society where there are varying views on major issues such as war, marriage, immigration, sexuality, politics and religion etc.

Confession and sin where there are varying opinions on what ‘sin’ means and if the sacrament of confession actually ‘wipes the slate clean’ or makes you ‘right’ with God.

Forgiveness is an area that we all struggle with, particularly if someone has intentionally hurt or injured others or the people they love. Christians often believe they should be able to forgive instantly and feel guilty when forgiveness is not so forthcoming.

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