Ignite the Spark: RCIA National Conference 2018, Melbourne 11-13 October

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is one of the Church’s most amazing treasures.  It is the process by which we as a community accompany adults who feel called by God to become members of the Catholic Church. The Church envisages RCIA as the centre of parish life; the model of life and ministry.

Some parishes have recently started their RCIA ministry and others have set out to re-energise and enliven it.  In other parishes RCIA is floundering, and in some parishes it does not exist.  Regardless of stage, the opportunity exists now to ignite the spark of this most privileged ministry where faith is shared and grows.

The RCIA national conference, held every two years, is that opportunity.  This year in Melbourne from 11-13 October, keynote speakers and workshops will enliven RCIA novices and experienced team members to add a spark to evangelisation.  Another great thing about conferences is the opportunity they provide to network: to get to know people from other dioceses and to share ideas and resources.  Participants end up part of a wide circle of RCIA ministers who are only a phone call away.  

I encourage all parishes to consider this conference as an opportunity to help kick-start or re-energise your RCIA ministry. 

Everyone has a part to play: think about people you know who would be wonderful in this RCIA ministry.  Then invite them to consider contacting their parish about the ministry and conference.  Or they might like to register and go themselves.  Anyone who is interested and would like to chat further about it could also contact Louise (02 4979 1135) or Sharon (02 4979 1134)

We are looking for passionate, creative, committed Catholics who want to make a difference. Is that someone you know?

Please see the flyer and website for all conference details. You can also click here to read more local RCIA news.

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Louise Gannon rsj

Louise Gannon rsj is the Diocesan Manager of Worship and Prayer.