Danial's gift to the Taree Community Kitchen

It isn’t every day you meet a young man who thinks about the world in a special sort of way. Danial Cornall is a Taree local, born and raised in the Manning Valley, and a graduate of St Clare's.

At 23 years old, he is studying law at the University of Newcastle but still has strong ties to his hometown. Danial grew up in Taree, raised by parents who taught their children to think of others, and not just themselves. Recently, Danial decided to do something for a good cause.

“If I’m going to cut off my dreadlocks, why not do it as a fundraiser for a local charity?”

Danial did just that! Knowing the value of the Taree Community Kitchen and how much of a difference it makes for many locals doing it tough, Danial chose it to be the beneficiary of whatever money he could raise. His goal was $1000. Imagine his surprise at raising more than $2500!

When asked what made him want to give to others in this way, Danial replied: “You hear a lot about the bad things that happen in the world, why not the good? Experiencing homeless would have to be one of the worst things you could have happen to you.”

"If you are working and earning money, you should be able to put a small amount aside to make a difference somewhere," he said.

Well, Danial has certainly made a difference here! One hundred per cent of the money raised by Danial and donated to the Taree Community Kitchen will be used to purchase meat, as well as other food items needed.

Thank you, Danial! You are an inspiration and a living example of the spirit of giving, which is the soul of every community!

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