An invitation to DNA Workshop

An invitation to DNA Workshop, courtesy of the Small Grants program Forced Adoption services, Relationships Australia, to be held on Saturday 21 October 2017.

This workshop will benefit adoptees who are not aware of their genetic family history, as not all information is available through the normal channels for adoptees, especially their father's information. It was policy to not identify the fathers on the adoptee's original birth certificate.  The advantage to the adoptee is to improve the chances of finding their cultural origins. Some medical history might also be accessible. The possibility of matches with parents, siblings and cousins leaves the Adoptee in control of whether to make contact. Adoptees who have been rejected in a reunion process might find cousins who are more welcoming.

The presenter is Kerri Small, founder of the Australian DNA Hub. She will guide us through the various organisations that assist with understanding a person's DNA results. There is room for 20 attendees. We will meet for lunch at 11.30,courtesy of Relationships Australia NSW Forced Adoption Support Services, at the Lord Nelson Hotel, 19 Kent Street, The Rocks. Closest station is Wynyard; go 2 blocks west to Kent Street then walk north along Kent Street. Approximately 10 minute walk. Then we will proceed to Society of Australian Genealogists, 120 Kent Street, Sydney. The seminar, from 1-4 pm, is on the first floor, Richmond Villa seminar room. Tea and coffee will be available.

Enquiries: Lynne Williamson, 4954 3029 or 0421 460 417

RSVP: Saturday 7 October Lynne Williamson or Kerri Small,

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Lynne Williamson

Lynne Williamson is the organiser for Forced Adoption DNA Workshop 2017.

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