LITURGY MATTERS: Calling all singers

When the Church of Maitland-Newcastle gathers for significant liturgical events we are looking to expand the Cathedral Choir with members from the whole diocesan Church who would like to be part of the choir for any or all of these events.  This year I am particularly keen to expand the Choir for the Project Compassion Liturgy (Feb 25) so that the choir is representative of the whole diocese.

February is always a busy time on the liturgical calendar and that is more so this year. Currently we are looking for people to join the choir for the following events:

  1. Launch of Project Compassion which takes place in the Cathedral, Bishop Bill presiding, on Tuesday Feb 25 at 10.30 am. Presence required from 9.00am
  2. The ordination of Graham Fullick on Saturday Feb 22 at 10.00am in the Cathedral
  3. The Rite of Election on Sunday March 1, 2.30pm in the Cathedral.
  4. Catechists Mass on Saturday March 21 at 2.00pm in the Cathedral.

Regarding rehearsals: To be part of the choir for any event requires attendance at rehearsals. The Cathedral Choir rehearses on Thursday nights from 6.00-7.00pm in the Cathedral and generally at least one hour ahead of the event.  Because we have so many liturgies in a short time frame rehearsals on Thursday Feb 6, 13, 20 will focus on Project Compassion, the Ordination and Catechists Mass.  The rehearsal on Feb 27 will focus on the Rite of Election.

If you would LOVE to be part of the choir for any or all of these events please contact Sharon Murphy (P 4979 1134) providing your name, mobile and email address.  We need to hear from you as soon as possible and ideally one week prior to the first rehearsal for any event.  This ensures we have enough music copies for all choir members and that we can contact you if something unforeseen happens and a rehearsal is cancelled.

We are very excited about growing our choir for significant diocesan events and look forward to you being a part of it.  Don’t be shy. I will send emails throughout the year as events arise.  Watch this space (for example, the Chrism Mass is on April 7)

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you sing!

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Louise Gannon rsj

Louise Gannon rsj is the Diocesan Manager of Worship and Prayer.