Bath time for Josie

Many of our Yunung families have welcomed baby brothers and sisters into their families this year and over the past few months most of the Yunung children have shown interest in caring for the dolls in the room.

They have engaged in dramatic play with the dolls to explore the role of the carer as they dressed, fed and bathed them lovingly. To incorporate the children’s family experiences and build on their fascination with babies, we invited Evelyn’s mum, Sarah, to bring in Evelyn’s baby sister Josie for a bath.

Before they arrived we read the book ‘You’re a Big Sister’ to assist the children to access their current knowledge of babies. Sarah and Josie arrived as Rochana placed towels on the floor to catch any drips from the bath. Sarah placed the baby bath on top of the towels and checked the temperature of the water. Not too hot, not too cold!

Josie smiled happily as she kicked her legs in the water. ‘Ohh, wash!’ Jovan told Emily excitedly as Sarah began to clean Josie with the washer. Ollie and Olivia told Rochana about their own brother and sister having baths at home, ‘And I had a shower last night’ said Olivia. When Josie had finished her bath it was time to dry her off. Zak, Ollie and Jovan pretended to dry themselves too. After she had dried Josie, Sarah rubbed baby lotion on Josie’s legs and tummy to keep them soft. Daniel wanted to have some lotion too so Rochana gave all the children some Sorbolene lotion to rub on their hands. ‘Soft?’ Zak asked, offering his hand for Rochana to touch. Evelyn helped brush Josie’s hair before Sarah dressed her ready to go home.

These experiences have allowed the children to further their emotional development by engaging in caring and nurturing behaviours. The children were also able to build on their understanding of the importance of hygiene to maintain a healthy body.

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Emma Pratten

Emma Pratten is an Early Childhood Educator at St Nicholas Newcastle West.

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