In the Dreamers room the children have been really interested in bugs recently.

To extend the children’s interest we made sand dough and placed some bugs into it. The children used their imaginations to create role play scenarios where they would squash each other’s bugs into the sand dough. The next ‘bug’ activity was a visit to the Lions room to look at their spiny leaf insects. The children were amazed by the spiny insects but not too sure about holding them. We took out some magnifying glasses for the children to have a closer look at the spiny leaf insects which they all loved. Finally, we went on a bug hunt. We placed some bugs in some rice and got the children to search for them. This was an exciting activity for the children as they couldn’t wait to find a bug amongst the rice. We all really enjoyed focusing on bugs and finding out new things.

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Madeline Ingold Image
Madeline Ingold

Madeline Ingold is an Assistant Director and Early Education Teacher at St Nicholas, Singleton.

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