Vertical Surface Drawing in the Toddler Room

In the Toons Room at St Nicholas Early Education Centre – Singleton the toddlers have been exploring Vertical Surface Painting.

Lisa set up a wooden room divider covered in butcher’s paper to allow the children to have a larger painting canvas.

Children should have the opportunity to work on a vertical surface as there are many developmental benefits:

  • Shoulder/Elbow Stability - The use of larger vertical surfaces allows children to use bigger arm movements that encourage strength and flexibility throughout the arm joints and muscles. 
  • Bilateral Coordination - The vertical surface is easier for toddlers to focus on without needing two hands. On a table surface they tend to need two hands, one to paint and one to hold the paper still.
  • Pencil Grip – Writing or painting on an upright surface naturally puts the wrist in an extended position which allows more hand and finger control.
  • Midline Crossing – The large surface allows the children to have the opportunity for their dominant hand to cross the midline. 

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Amanda Mamero Image
Amanda Mamero

Amanda Mamero is an Early Childhood Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education, Singleton.

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