It’s a frog’s life at St Nicholas!

In the Creative Cubs Room we have been exploring the life cycles of various animals, including frogs. 

It has been an exciting and meaningful process with lots of parental input and engagement in our program which relates to Quality Area 6.

We have been exploring and identifying the different stages and characteristics of each stage. Throughout this learning process we have engaged in different key learning areas, such as physical activity (jumping like frogs), visual arts (decorating our own speckled frogs), language (reading various frog books and singing rhymes) and science (observing and predicting changes in the eggs in our tank).

Here are some statements from the children about what they have learnt: “Tadpole eggs come out of a frog” – Elena “Frogs don’t have tails” – Annika “Tadpoles have tails only” – Zac “Tadpoles swim in the water with a tail” - Sienna

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Rebecca Shearer

Rebecca Shearer is an Early Childhood Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education Centre, Singleton.

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