Moved to activity at St Nick’s

In the Creative Cubs room, we have been exploring how our bodies move and work in a variety of ways.

We have been engaging in Fundamental Movement skills in lots of fun and creative ways including physical activity games. The ‘good for kids, good for life’ program identifies and explores the Fundamental Movement skills in depth, showing the correct steps involved to complete the skill. Fundamental movement skills are basic skills used in more complex games and sports. They include hopping, jumping, running, sliding and kicking a ball.

We have also engaged in other complex movement skills including; crab crawls and wheelbarrow races. The laughter and enjoyment of the children was priceless as they worked in collaboration with their peers and engaged in team work. They are also experiencing the benefits of physical activity including; body awareness (proprioception), co-ordination, sensory processing, increasing muscle tone and postural control.

The balance boards were very popular as the children experimented with balance and how their bodies moved to achieve balance. As Ardie said, “We need to put our arms out to the side.” 

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Rebecca Shearer

Rebecca Shearer is an Early Childhood Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education Centre, Singleton.

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