Wilai Gardens

Towards the end of 2016 the children planted sunflower seeds in the outdoor garden.

We are now seeing them blossom and they are providing us with beautiful flowers for both our outdoor and indoor areas.

We have continued this interest in our indoor space, making sunflower art with the children. The children can see their art work displayed within the room and seem to enjoy looking at the photos of themselves and their friends.

The children enjoy using the hose and watering cans to water the sunflowers and other gardens, including our cherry tomato vines. The cherry tomatoes are also giving us lots of fruit to harvest. The children have been checking the vines each morning and picking the fruit, then washing it and eating it… Yum Yum!!!

This interest encourages the children to learn about the process of growth from seed to plant and also to care for the natural elements within their environment. It also provides the children with opportunity to begin to make connections between the natural environment and where their food comes from.

Educators have been using intentional teaching strategies to further the children’s understanding. One of these strategies is discussing with the children the various parts of the plant e.g. “Can you feel the soft yellow petals?” or “The stalk is very tall as it grows towards the sky”.

We look forward to extending our gardens and continuing to follow the children’s interest in 2017.

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Toni Warburton Image
Toni Warburton

Toni Warburton is the Director of St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West.

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