Children in Moane Room begin Christmas celebrations

The Children in the Moane Room have just finished the unit on celebrating their cultural backgrounds and looking at the countries around the world from where we have all originated.

We are now looking at Christmas around the world and how our families celebrate this special holiday. Our first step was putting up and decorating our Christmas tree. We talked about how the Christmas tree originated in Germany (where our teacher Kendall is from) in the 1600s. Our friends from England shared with us that they used to have living Christmas trees in England but that they would drop pine needles everywhere and make the floor slippery. We also said that it’s harder to have real Christmas trees here because of the hot weather. This was a great way for us to begin our Christmas unit as we were all very excited putting up the tree and decorating it ourselves. It has brought some Christmas magic into our room along with our new ‘Frozen’ area and Santa’s Workshop for us to make our own presents for our family and friends.

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Kendell Lyons Image
Kendell Lyons

Kendell Lyons is an Early Education Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education, Newcastle West. 

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