It’s the end of the liturgical year – let’s party!

The inaugural end of liturgical year party took place at the diocesan offices on Friday evening, 24 November.

The event offered an opportunity to acknowledge liturgical achievements – in diocese and parishes – and to celebrate a year of worship, innovation and solidarity.

The initiative of the Diocesan Liturgy Council was attended by members of many parishes and as parish names were drawn from the biretta, there was sharing of significant achievements of 2017. These ranged from installing a new parish priest to Easter liturgies in a church that hasn’t hosted them for some time; from beginning Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist to concluding Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist!

The development of confirmation guidelines over the past 18 months is a major achievement of the Diocesan Liturgy Council, while other achievements include the development of a liturgy formation pathway and a funeral ministry consultation and discernment process.

Sharing was interspersed with medleys of the ‘favourite hymns’ nominated in advance by attendees and led by enthusiastic musicians and singers.

There were tasty refreshments, some with bubbles, and plenty of time for catching up with friends.

Chief liturgist of the diocese, Bishop Bill, thanked participants, not only for being there but for all they contribute to the community throughout the year. 

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Tracey Edstein

Tracey Edstein is a member of the Raymond Terrace Parish and a freelance writer with a particular interest in church matters.

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