Attention knitters or crocheters!

Seasons for Growth® is looking for people willing to knit teddies for children who have suffered loss and grief.

After finalising the group programs, children are often given a gift to remind them of their time together, learning about loss and discovering ways to live with hope as they deal with the changes in their lives. The trauma teddies help take people's minds off their worries.

If you could assist by making teddies please phone us, 4979 1355 or email we would love to hear from you. A simple pattern is available if needed. 

Alternatively, wool, flannelette sheets (for quilt fillings) or squares (knitted or crocheted) would be gratefully received to donate to Wrap with Love who generously give us blankets for our older children. 

Seasons for Growth work is based on Mary MacKillop’s principle, “Never see a need without doing something about it.” Over the last twenty years the range of programs has grown and continuously developed. The programs seek to support all members of the community to develop the knowledge and skills to adjust to significant life events, and to grow from the experience. For more information, please visit Seasons for Growth website.

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Jenny Harris

Jenny Harris is the Professional Assistant for Seasons of Growth.

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