GALLERY: Dedication of St Francis Xavier's Church Belmont

On the feast of Pentecost this weekend, a special event took place in Belmont. It was the Mass of Dedication of St Francis Xavier’s Church, and the Inauguration of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Around 500 people came to the dedication, including representatives from the Anglican and Uniting Churches.

The ceremony began with gathering in the old church, and processing into the new one. The church was sprinkled with holy water, anointed with oil of Chrism, incensed, and the candles on the altar were lit.

Bishop Bill spoke of how opportune it was to dedicate the church on the feast of the Holy Spirit, sharing that ‘nothing happens in the church without the Holy Spirit’ and praying over the church that it would be a ‘place where the spirit of God runs freely’.

The church design and artwork are based on the book of the Apocalypse. A blue line runs from the altar to the baptismal font to represent the river of life (Apoc 22:1-2). The artwork represents scenes such as the throne room of God (Apoc 7:9-10), the Lamb that was slain (Apoc 5:6) and the woman clothed with the sun (Apoc 12:1-2). The Stations of the Cross are simple glass panels with a cross in the centre representing each station.

Photos courtesy of Baden Ellis

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