Award recognises Fane Falemaka as Nurse of the Year

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has honoured Calvary Mater Newcastle Clinical Nurse Specialist, Fane Falemaka, with the highly coveted Nurse of the Year Award.

For a lady who flies quietly under the radar, this national recognition was overwhelming. Fane says, “Throughout all my years of nursing I’ve always tried to do my very best. I work with passion, love and respect. I try my best to look after people and am so grateful for being recognised with this award.”

As a young girl growing up on the small Tongan island of Falevai, life for Fane Falemaka consisted of picturesque blue seas and family life filled with love and hard work. These strong roots are ingrained in Fane’s soul and it is this loving and caring nature, combined with her strong work ethic, that make her a role model for nursing at Calvary Mater Newcastle.

In total, Fane has been nursing for 49 years and is brimming with knowledge, something she happily shares with her fellow colleagues in a kind and considerate manner. Fane can be seen calmly going about her nursing duties on Ward 5A/MAAZ at Calvary Mater Newcastle, having committed 30 years to providing outstanding care to the hospital’s patients. Fane is a favourite with both staff and patients; her warm hugs, caring touch and genuine smile go a long way to brighten the day!

The award recognises Fane for her commitment to serve patients with respect and dignity while acknowledging their individual uniqueness, something that colleagues and friends of Fane know she has in abundance.

CEO at Calvary Mater Newcastle, Greg Flint, says, “It is fantastic to see Fane’s dedication and talent recognised in this manner. Fane is a truly inspirational nurse, who deserves this accolade wholeheartedly.”

Congratulations Fane!

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Helen Ellis

Helen Ellis is the Public Affairs & Communications Manager at Calvary Mater Newcastle.