National Child Protection Week 2023 – How you can get involved

National Child Protection Week is a campaign held annually across Australia to raise awareness of child abuse prevention. This year’s campaign will be held between 3 – 9 September.

National Child Protection Week aims to engage, educate, and empower Australians to understand the complexity of child abuse and neglect, and work together to prevent it. The campaign does this through the sharing of events and resources to encourage communities to engage in conversations around children’s safety and wellbeing.

This year, the theme is:

‘Where we start matters’

We can all play a part by creating stronger, happier neighbourhoods. This can be achieved by talking to your neighbours, checking in with friends, being a good role model, supporting and being kind to parents rather than judging or being competitive, offering to assist where possible and speaking up if you see something that is unsafe. 


What's happening in our schools, OOSH services and Early Education centres?


'Decorate Your Gate'

It’s back!

In recognition of National Child Protection Week 2023, we’re asking our Catholic schools and St Nicholas services to decorate their gate, fence or alternative space in-line with the theme, ‘Where we start matters’.

Let’s unite as a community and show our commitment to protecting and safeguarding children. By participating in Decorate Your Gate for National Child Protection Week, you are making a powerful statement that child protection is a top priority for our Catholic schools and our wider community.



Diocesan Catholic schools can win $4,000 for their school community (1x primary prize, 1x secondary prize)
St Nicholas services can win $500 for their service community

To enter

Submit up to three photos and a 150-word description explaining how your entry is connected to this year’s theme, ‘Where we start matters.’

Deadline: Friday, September 8th, 5pm



All schools, OOSH services and Early Education centres can now access dedicated activities and resource designed to instil our young people with the skills and strategies to identify, respond to, and seek assistance with a range of unsafe situations.

Information and resources are now available on the Office of Safeguarding website.



For any questions relating to National Child Protection Week 2023, please contact:

Connie Peate – Investigator (Office of Safeguarding)

(02) 4979 1390


More resources can be found here:

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