Walk Safely to School Day

Walk Safely to School Day (WSTSD) is an annual event that encourages primary school children to walk to school. The national initiative informs families that they need to closely supervise their young children, in all road environments, holding hands when near or crossing the road.

Education Officer for Sport and PDHPE Bernadette Duggan said St Mary’s, Warners Bay have been using TfNSW Safetytown resources to deliver key road safety messages. During Friday’s walk to school, students were reminded to Stop! Look! Listen! and to use a safe place to cross the road.

WSTSD also aims to encourage children to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle by including walking each day.

St Mary’s, Warners Bay Principal Liz Starling said “Today we had over 100 children and their families walk to school from different points along the foreshore of beautiful Lake Macquarie with 10 staff members.

It was a great community activity, as well as supporting our school’s focus on wellbeing, stewardship of the environment and the PDHPE curriculum. Our school is situated on a busy road so safe pedestrian behaviour is essential every day. We hope to do this more regularly throughout the year.

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