Journey to tolerance

To celebrate World Teachers Day, the Catholic Schools Office shares some personal reflections from those working in our system. These stories highlight the positive impacts of a Catholic education – its influence on the careers of the contributors, and the profound effect for future generations.


Nikola Groves, Year 3 Teacher at Rosary Park Catholic School

As a former student and now teacher in the Catholic system, I hope my students can reflect and build on their experience in a Catholic school as I have done.

Throughout our schooling we are challenged and supported to reach our full potential, not only academically, but also as compassionate, informed, tolerant, and just members of society. As a Catholic educator, I am blessed with being able to build a greater connection with my students based on shared faith.

I love being a part of my students’ journey in faith exploration and discovery and find their excitement and innocence inspiring and empowering. I see the light of Christ in diverse ways in the actions of all my students and am continuously surprised by their levels of understanding of the teachings of Catholicism and their unique perspectives of the world.


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