No holding back St Joseph’s athletes

The community of St Joseph’s Primary School, Kilaben Bay went ahead with its athletics carnival 2020 on Tuesday 5 May. The modified meet was no ordinary competition of course, due to COVID-19.

Activities included wheelie-bin sprints, jump-rope competitions, standing jumps, vertical leaps, and balancing books on heads and walking a certain distance 

Other competitive challenges revolved around throwing as many pairs of socks as possible into a bucket, rolling as many balls as possible into a box, clapping hands as many times as possible in between throwing a ball into the air and catching it, the number of push ups in 30 seconds, thong throwing, and an obstacle course shuttle   

Students buddied-up, with the older children assisting the younger children using stopwatches, recording distances and times, and measuring the longest jumps. 

Everyone really enjoyed the day.   

The children are now on a mission to beat their personal bests. Not only was there a sense of fun and solidaritybut also great lessons in mathematics. Just don’t tell the children. 

The activities chosen allowed the children at home to join in, and some even donned their sports uniform.   

The resources and equipment used at school was also equipment easily found at home, so nobody missed out.  


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