Parents show heartfelt thanks

Letters from parents of students at St Michael’s Primary School, Nelson Bay, have been an encouragement to teachers as they navigate through changes due to coronavirus.

One parent’s letter of appreciation shared the feeling of guilt that comes from not being able to keep children home due to work situations. 

“It is extremely hard when we are faced with daily media strongly suggesting to keep your children home, plus constant Facebook posts from friends saying they are keeping their children home. The guilt is crushing!  

"I would like to thank you for making this situation a bit more bearable! Each day we are greeted at the gate with smiles (and hand sanitiser) from the staff, there are no scared looks or judging looks because we turned up to school, just open arms!” 

Another letter came from a parent of a student learning from home.  

“Thanks so much for your letter to the parents today. It really put my mind at ease regarding ******’s learning. I couldn’t agree with you more that our kids need comfort and love at this time and the least stress for them and us. 

"In saying that, ***** and I have really been enjoying going through the home work sheets but it was more me worrying if I was doing enough each day etc. 

"Please pass on my thanks to all the wonderful teachers at St Michael’s in this trying time.”  

Primary Coordinator at St Michael's, Rebecca Lloyd, says it is wonderful to receive the positive feedback.   

“Staff and students have all worked together during this uncertain time to create positive learning experiences,” Ms Lloyd said. “The children at home are enjoying their learning; and the teaching and learning that is happening at home is being mirrored at school with the children of essential workers who still need to attend face to face each day.  

“Children on individual learning plans are receiving work tailored to their specific needs; so too are our gifted and talented students. Our teachers and teachers’ aides as well as office staff have all pulled together and worked tirelessly to make this happen.”  

While the pandemic continues, and beyond it, St Michael’s will continue to put it students at the centre of everything it does.  

As the first letter concluded: “Thank you for being there, we need you and you are doing a great job!” 

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Brooke Robinson

Brooke is Content Officer for the Communications Team in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle