Storytime with Mrs Stephenson

St Kevin’s Primary School, Cardiff Storytime with Mrs Stephenson this week with a number of students joining in from all different year groups along with their siblings, parents and pets.

Those at school aren’t missing out either as they Zoom in from the library. Many of the teachers working from home and their families join in too. It’s one big party. 

The first episode relived the fabulous story Anzac Biscuits. Mrs Stephenson read this from the library and using the hover cam, students were able to read along from their screens too. Following the story, students shared lots of delicious recipes of their own, posting photos of their treats in their class teams. 

The most recent episode took place from MrStephenson’s living room and shared a hilarious story about a very horrible librarian (definitely NOT Mrs Stephenson) from the book The World’s Worst Teachers by David Walliams. The souped-up mobility scooter featured in the story inspired lots of students to design their own super-cool mobility scooters. 

With lots of stories planned and ready to be enjoyed, Storytime with Mrs Stephenson is just going to keep getting better and better. 

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