Expanding vocabularies at All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus

The Languages faculty at All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus, provides students with the opportunity to understand better culture, language and society.

Students of All Saints’ College who are interested in furthering their language skills by learning another language have the opportunity to take on elective courses in both Italian and French at a beginner level.

For those looking for other language options, the college also allows students to study a number of different languages via distance education through Camden Haven High School.

Exchanges and experiences

All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus has previously played host to a number of foreign exchange students for one, two or six months at a time. These exchange opportunities give students a chance to learn first-hand about the differences and similarities of another culture and gain a deeper understanding of the lives of those from other parts of the world. It also provides the perfect opportunity for students to practise the skills they learn in the classroom with a native speaker on a daily basis.

As well as learning about the language and culture of their chosen course, students also get the opportunity to experience the culinary side, bringing a hands-on and practical element to their studies. Students often participate in a number of cooking classes, where they are given the opportunity to cook, and then eat, dishes such as gnocchi and croque monsieur.

In continuing to offer immersive and enjoyable study-related experiences, the college is looking into the possibility of taking students to local restaurants that serve cuisines related to the students’ chosen area of study. 

A tutoring session with a native French teacher is also on offer to students of All Saints’ College on Wednesdays to improve their conversational competency in a foreign language; at least five students are needed to run this program.