Students at St Joseph’s Lochinvar learn about the world around them

The HSIE (Human Society & Its Environment) faculty at St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar, gives students an opportunity to delve into Australian History and develop a critical understanding of how the past impacts the present environment.

Students at St Joseph’s College are offered a range of subjects and courses which help to refine their critical historical inquiry skills. They are provided with numerous authentic learning opportunities through engaging fieldwork and site study experiences.

Teachers at St Joseph’s College use a combination of visual, digital, oral and collaborative teaching and learning strategies to enable students to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of key concepts taught within the courses.

With the implementation of Year 11 classes, the HSIE faculty is able to continue its development of teaching strategies by providing a range of learning opportunities for student success.

Engaging electives

Students in Years 7-10 study Geography and History as mandatory subjects, while Years 9 and 10 students can elect to study Commerce.

For students entering Years 11 and 12, there is a range of subjects on offer to cater for a variety of student interests including Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History Extension, Legal Studies, Modern History and Society & Culture.

Hands-on learning

A geographical investigation of Jimmys Beach, visits to the local cemetery for an historical site study, ‘Nambus’ and Medieval Europe incursions, a historical study of Fort Scratchley and trips to the Supreme Court and Parliament House are just some of the incursion and excursions HSIE students at St Joseph’s College have the opportunity to undertake.

Students are also given the chance to visit the Police & Justice Museum in Sydney, participate in Legal Studies Mock Trials, visit Tailor Made Fish Farms to study Sustainable Biomes and undertake a field study as part of their Business Studies class.