Creative minds ignite at St Joseph’s Lochinvar

The Creative Arts faculty at St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar, gives students a unique set of skills and prepares them for living life in the 21st century.

The Creative Arts play a vital role in education, instilling a love of learning and providing the opportunity for students to express and understand themselves and those around them.

Stage 5 and 6 students at St Joseph’s College can study Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Visual Design, with all Stage 4 students experiencing Music and Visual Arts.

The faculty comprises a team of dedicated, passionate and hardworking teaching professionals,

The diversity, creativity and individuality of all students at St Joseph’s College are nurtured and appreciated. Staff and students work together to showcase their skills and talents with others to promote the Creative Arts faculty to their school community.

Skills for life

The Creative Arts provide students at the College with the opportunity to express themselves and embrace their individuality.

Through music-making, dramatic performance, art-making, as well as visual manipulation and design through the use of technologies, students begin to understand the significance of their creative voice and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Regardless of which industry students choose to enter during their post-school lives, the creative arts give students a unique set of skills that are critical for a 21st century environment. These include creative thinking, improvisation, imagination, collaboration, vision and open-mindedness.

While studying Drama, Music, Visual Arts or Visual Design, students at the College are exposed to diverse, interesting and thought-provoking teaching programs and curriculum which aim to provide students with enjoyable and stimulating learning experiences through both independent and collaborative tasks.

By committing themselves to a creative endeavour, whether performance, presentation or artwork, students learn the critical skills of problem solving, focus and self-reflection.

Stepping outside the classroom

Outside the classroom, students at St Joseph’s College have the opportunity to participate in a range of creative endeavours including the school choir, drama club, performance evenings, showcases and musicals, community projects, art exhibitions and art, design and film competitions.

Students can also choose to participate in the St Cecelia's Private Music Tuition Program, have the chance to be involved in various liturgical celebrations and be a part of diocesan initiatives and events such as the Diocesan Choir Showcase, DioSounds, Diocesan Theatresports and ASPIRE.

Such opportunities allow students to extend and challenge themselves and encourage them to share their skills, talents, knowledge, interests and passion with others.

Students also have the opportunity to visit sites such as the Sydney Biennale, the MCA and the Art Gallery of NSW and this assists them in learning about the experiences of people in the world around them.

A strong musical tradition

Music has a significant role in the history of the College, with the choir and music department having a vibrant presence that continues to flourish and thrive within the school.

The school choir has performed at numerous liturgies, feast days, Masses and competitions and their presence is always met with excitement from the community.

With an outstanding dedication and willingness to contribute to different aspects of school life, the school choir is well known for its award-winning performances including its legendary rendition of the Lochinvar Hymn.

A collaborative approach

A major strength of the Creative Arts Faculty at St Joseph’s College is the ability of staff and students to work as a team and collaborate to create memorable productions, showcases, musicals and exhibitions.

The future of the Creative Arts faculty is an exciting one, as the College eagerly awaits the refurbishment of new classroom spaces for Visual Arts and Visual Design and new performance spaces and resources for Drama and Music.

The new spaces will be environments where students have the opportunity to pursue new and exciting creative possibilities.

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