Aaron Moon awarded 2017 Monsignor Coolahan Award for Leadership

Aaron Moon has made his mark on St Joseph’s Primary School, Denman winning the 2017 Monsignor Coolahan Award for Leadership.

The Monsignor Coolahan Awards recognise, affirm and celebrate the significant contribution made by the recipients to aspects of excellence in Catholic schooling in the diocese. Recipients are nominated by their peers and the awards highlight the service that is given to their respective communities.

After nine years at St Joseph’s, Aaron Moon has certainly left his thumbprint on the school.

Always generous with his time, Aaron Moon has left no stone unturned in consistently trying to create exceptional and unique experiences for students and improve the quality of the learning culture at the school.

Setting a high standard for others, Aaron’s infectious enthusiasm and persistence has seen him mobilise stakeholders to share and contribute to his vision. In addition, his abundant energy has made him highly adept at enthusiastically motivating others.

As an authentic and genuine leader of his community, Aaron is continually visioning and planning the school’s next chapter of educational life, and has displayed astuteness and strong negotiating skills when presenting new ideas or promoting the school.

A huge congratulations to Aaron Moon!

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