Diocesan sporting achievements 2017

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle has a proud tradition of sporting achievements as demonstrated by the talented and gifted athletes in our schools who travel through our school pathways to elite levels. 

In 2017 many students have continued to excel in a variety of sports as shown by the large numbers who represented at all levels in all of the sporting pathways.

Throughout 2017 many secondary students represented the Diocese at NSWCCC events with a significant number achieving success at these events and in turn then representing NSWCCC at the NSW All Schools Championships.


The following students represented and competed for the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges in the All Schools Championships - a tremendous achievement for all students:

  • Jack Curran and Isabella Hawke (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton)
  • Claude Castaldi, Xanthe Rheinberger and Eloise Keegan (St Pius X, Adamstown)
  • Harry Hodgson (St Peter's, Maitland)
  • Christine Connell (St Paul's, Booragul)
  • Jesse Wilkes and Jordan Moscatt (St Clare's, Taree)
  • Logan Heald (St Joseph’s, Lochinvar) 

Cross Country

There were some outstanding individual achievements at the NSWCCC Cross Country Championships with seven students being named in the NSWCCC team. These students then ran as members of the Combined Catholic Colleges team which competed at the NSW All Schools Championships.

  • Joseph O’Connor (St Mary’s, Maitland)
  • Sam Taylor, Ben Doran, Thomas McTaggart, Cameron Davies and James Reed (St Pius X, Adamstown)
  • Chelsea Goodhew (St Paul’s, Booragul).


In Athletics, over 100 students from the Diocese competed at the NSWCCC Athletics Championships. Many students medalled including:

  • Torrie Lewis, Leroy Reid, Geelan Cohen (St Mary’s, Gateshead)
  • Ebony Newton and Victoria Allen (St Peter’s, Maitland)
  • Hannah Cullen, Taylah Bryde, Sarah Dal Molin, James Ajayi, Travis Petersen (St Pius X, Adamstown)
  • Emily Whelan (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton)
  • Dakota Thomas, Chelsea Goodhew, Thomas Webster (St Paul’s, Booragul)
  • Lily Cain, Joseph O’Connor (St Mary’s, Maitland)
  • Eliza Forsayth, Joshua Argall  (St Clare’s, Taree)
  • Fletcher Thompson (St Joseph’s, Lochinvar),
  • Tim Ryan (St Catherine’s, Singleton)

To top off a fantastic day of competing the Diocese had three athletes named as Age Champions. They were Ebony Newton, Emily Whelan and Leroy Reid.

In other sports a number of students secured positions in NSWCCC teams:

Water Polo - Amelia Hodgson (St Peter's, Maitland) and Eliza Limn (San Clemente, Mayfield)

Softball – Grace Wrixon (St Mary's, Gateshead)

Golf – Pyper Hollis (St Clare's, Taree), Corey Lamb (St Joseph's, Lochinvar)

Touch Football- Bailey Ritchie (St Mary's, Maitland), Connor Edwards (St Peter's, Maitland), Maya Stewart (St Francis Xavier's, Hamilton)

Hockey - Samuel Mudford (St Clare's, Taree), Rory Walker (St Francis Xavier's, Hamilton), Harry Wade (St Clare's, Taree), Neve Dibley (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton)

Netball - Dakota Thomas (St Paul's, Booragul)

Basketball - Shakera Reilly (St Mary's, Maitland), Jacob Foy (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton)

Rugby Union – Harrison Kettles (St Paul's, Booragul), Tim Ryan (St Catherine's, Singleton)

Rugby League (15s) – Tom Cant, Sam Robinson, Noah Ryan (St Peter's, Maitland)

Cricket - Joseph Hart (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton), Caleb McNeill (St Joseph's, Aberdeen)

AFL(North Girls) – Halle Craigie (St Peter's, Maitland), Michelle Maricic (San Clemente, Mayfield)

Football – U16 CCC team Blake Archibold (St Joseph's, Lochinvar)

Triathlon -  Ben Edstein and Sonia Sullivan (St Peter's, Maitland), Hugh Higgins, Walter Pankhurst and Chloe Hollingsworth (St Joseph's, Aberdeen), Jack McCurdy, Jack Caldwell and Kal McDougall (St Mary's, Gateshead), Jackson Eckford (St Joseph's, Lochinvar), Jeremy Edstein, Lachlan Guy and Scott Haynes (St Mary's, Maitland) and Sarah Gardiner (St Paul's, Booragul).

Further representative honours were achieved with an outstanding eight students on the 2017 NSW All Schools Honour Roll. They include:

  • Jacob Foy (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton) for basketball
  • Dakota Thomas (St Paul’s, Booragul) for netball
  • Corey Lamb (St Joseph’s, Lochinvar) for golf
  • Samuel Mudford (St Clare’s, Taree) for hockey
  • Eamon Smith (St Clare’s, Taree) for hockey
  • Rory Walker (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton) for hockey
  • Eliza Limn (San Clemente, Mayfield) for waterpolo
  • Amelia Hodgson (St Peter’s, Maitland) for waterpolo.

A credible eight athletes have been recognised by being named as recipients of the prestigious NSWCCC Blue Award which celebrates the best sporting achievements of Catholic Secondary students throughout NSW. They will attend a ceremony at St Paul’s College in Manly in February this year. The worthy recipients are:

  • Emily Whelan (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton) for athletics
  • Jacob Foy (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton) for basketball
  • Corey lamb (St Joseph’s, Lochinvar) for golf
  • Samual Mudford (St Clare’s, Taree) for hockey
  • Rory Walker from (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton) for hockey
  • Dakota Thomas from (St Paul’s, Booragul) for netball
  • Bayley Ritchie (St Mary's, Maitland) for touch
  • Eliza Limn (St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton) for water polo.

Our primary students have been just as successful with 106 students being selected in a NSW Polding team. They include:


  • Archer Harkness from St Columba’s, Adamstown
  • Joe Harrison from St Paul’s, Gateshead
  • Lachlan MacNamara from St Joseph’s, Charlestown
  • Felix Mole from St Joseph’s, Merewether

Open Rugby League

  • Logan Aoake from St Columban’s, Mayfield
  • Khynan Butler from St Paul’s, Rutherford
  • Lawson Dooley from St Therese’s, New Lambton
  • William Hogan from St Joseph’s, Taree

Basketball (Girls)

  • Amarley Bron and Mariah Radburn from St Joseph’s, Taree
  • Ellarna Gayler from St Mary’s, Warners Bay
  • Saffron Shiels from St Paul’s, Gateshead

Basketball (Boys)

  • Charlie Caffery from St Joseph’s, East Maitland
  • Jeremy Kennedy from St John Vianney, Morisset

Cricket (Boys)

  • Patrick Duffy from St Joseph’s, Merewether

Cross Country

  • Angus Anson-Smith from St James’, Kotara South
  • Riley Michael Barnes from St Joseph’s, East Maitland
  • Nick Caldwell from St Patrick’s, Swansea
  • Charlie Daniels and Eve Howard from St James’, Muswellbrook
  • Poppy Doran from St Joseph’s, Charlestown
  • Sienna Newton from St John the Baptist, Maitland
  • Abrahm Russell and Aurelia Russell from St Patrick’s, Lochinvar


  • Amelia Coyne from St John the Baptist, Maitland
  • Jeremy Gocher from St Mary’s, Warners Bay


  • Samuel Barnes from Holy Cross, Glendale


  • Amarley Bron from St Joseph’s, Taree
  • Amali Fitzhenry from St Columba’s, Adamstown
  • Claudia Gray from St Joseph’s, Merewether
  • Abigail Teah-Wilson from St Brigid’s, Raymond Terrace
  • Grace Watson from St Joseph’s, Merewether

Boys Football

  • Oscar Cathcart from St John’s, Lambton
  • Nate Deamer from St Brigid’s, Raymond Terrace
  • Zachary Etheridge from St Therese’s, New Lambton
  • Cooper Gallard from St Joseph’s, Charlestown
  • Nicholas Rich from St Joseph’s, Merewether

Girls Football

  • Josie Allan from St Joseph’s, Charlestown
  • Alisha Ingrey from St Benedict’s, Edgeworth
  • Mika Marolly from St Mary’s, Warners Bay
  • Mercedes McNabb from St John the Baptist, Maitland

11 Years Rugby League

  • Mitchell Rogers from Holy Family, Merewether Beach


  • Logan Aoake from St Columban’s, Mayfield
  • Lawson Dooley from St Therese’s, New Lambton

Softball (Boys)

  • William Balkin from Corpus Christi, Waratah
  • Lewis Faulkner from St Brigid’s, Raymond Terrace
  • Jakob King from St Joseph’s, Taree


  • Andrea Flores from Holy Name, Forster
  • Kaleb Smith from St John Vianney, Morisset

Touch (Girls)

  • Amarley Bron and Mariah Radburn from St Joseph’s, Taree
  • Maddison McTaggart from St Patrick’s, Wallsend
  •  from St Joseph’s, Taree

Touch (Boys)

  • Logan Aoake from St Columban’s, Mayfield
  • Lawson Dooley from St Therese’s, New Lambton
  • Jack Duffield from St Therese’s, New Lambton
  • William Hogan from St Joseph’s, Taree
  • Oliver Schumaker from St Mary’s, Scone


  • Logan Aoake, Samuel Paterson from St Columban’s, Mayfield
  • Karlia Bramble from St Therese’s, New Lambton
  • Alexander Brown from St James’, Kotara South
  • Hannah Chicken, William Hogan, Darcy Radburn, Gabrielle Monaghan from St Joseph’s, Taree
  • Poppy Doran from St Joseph’s, Charlestown
  • Grace Doyle from St Joseph’s, Merewether
  • Jasmine Ferguson and William Scanes from St Aloysius, Chisholm
  • Amali Fitzhenry and Eve Keeling from St Columba’s, Adamstown
  • Jessie Forbes from OLOV, Shortland
  • Ellie Watson, Riley Ford, Ella Howarth and Sophie Howarth from St Joseph’s Bulahdelah
  • Bella Linton from St Paul’s, Rutherford
  • Luke Marco, Eve Howard and Kiya Shorter from St James’, Muswellbrook
  • Alix O’Bryan from St Catherine’s, Singleton
  • Anita Olie from St Joseph’s, East Maitland
  • Matthew Reeves-Roach and Anthony Shultz from St Joseph’s, Gloucester
  • Jasmine Roberts from St Joseph’s, Kilaben Bay
  • Oliver Schumaker from St Mary’s, Scone
  • Darcy Taaffe from St Joseph’s, Merriwa


  • Bronte Bowker, Holly Irvine, Isabella Irvine, Lola Russell, Genevieve Smith, Daisy Breasley and Jack Breasley from St Joseph’s, Merewether
  • Thomas Dever from St James’, Kotara South
  • Zara Foran from St Joseph’s, Charlestown
  • Edward Hollingsworth from St Joseph’s, Gloucester
  • Iesha MacKintosh from Holy Spirit, Kurri Kurri
  • Isabella McNulty, Archie Cosgriff and Bailey Sparkes from St Mary’s, Warners Bay
  • Monica Moore from St Joseph’s, Bulahdelah
  • Alexandra Noonan from Holy Family, Merewether Beach
  • Alix O’Bryan from St Catherine’s, Singleton
  • Bella Robinson and Percy Sinclair from St Peter’s, Stockton

Seven outstanding primary students who represented Polding were then selected in the NSWPSSA team for a School Sport Australia or Pacific Schools Game event. They were:

  • Mika Marolly from St Mary’s Warners Bay and Josie Allan from St Joseph’s Charlestown for football
  • Mariah Radburn from St Joseph’s Taree and Saffron Shiels from St Paul’s Gateshead made the basketball team
  • William Hogan from St Joseph’s Taree and Logan Aoake from St Columban’s Mayfield made the touch team. Talented Logan also represented in the PSSA rugby team.

The extraordinary goodwill and hard work of our teachers who assist as school sport coordinators, convenors, coaches, squad managers and officials, greatly contribute to the undoubted success of the carnivals in which our students participate.

Of course, for staff to be available we must thank all of our principals who support the teachers’ involvement and CSO Director of Schools, Dr Michael Slattery for the interest he has shown in all student athletes and their achievements in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese.

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