Building community at St Joseph's Merriwa

Prior to the first day of term each year, students are invited to collaboratively create their learning environment as part of Belonging Day at St Joseph's Primary School, Merriwa.

Belonging Day is an annual event that provides the forum for students to reconnect with each other after the holidays and to meet their new teachers and classmates.

Throughout the day, students help their teachers decorate their classroom, make birthday boards and colourful displays. 

Research has shown that when students are given ownership of their learning spaces, they are more engaged in their learning journey.

In a casual and friendly atmosphere, students and teachers discussed how the classroom environment will be set up - placement of class resources including furniture and books indicates the use of each learning space.

The day ensured a feeling of confidence and optimism, reducing any anxiety about the beginning of the school year. Students also practised effective communication and negotiation skills.

The day concluded with a delicious lunch where parents, students and teachers enjoyed the opportunity to socialise with one another. An overwhelming majority of students remember this event as a highlight of their school year.

The day also echoed our school philosophy - “It takes a village to raise a child.”

To find out more about Belonging Day at St Joseph's, visit our website.

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