Don't let your kids become suckers! The importance of critical thinking

Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to make a judgement. Apart from this clinical dictionary definition, what use does critical thinking play in the development of your children?

In today’s world, nothing could be more important. With the rise of “fake news” spreading disinformation, social media cabals influencing public opinion and politicians continuing an age-old tradition to tell whoppers, it feels almost negligent not to prepare our kids with the skills they will need in later life. That is the ability to sift through information in a rational way and make intelligent life decisions.

How does reading accomplish this you ask? Reading helps us learn about, understand and gain the perspective and experience of others. Also, it couldn’t be any simpler than to state that the more you read the more you learn. As we grow up our sophistication in language builds and so does our ability to think critically.

In a digital world where year by year we are bombarded with more and more information, and year by year more and more of that information is factually inaccurate, for our children to succeed in life it is important that they learn strong critical thinking skills. So, with that in mind get the PlayStation controller out of their hands and replace it with a book.

This summer make it your goal to get your kids to read at least one book and encourage them to think about their world.

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