Fun in the surf for St Benedict's Edgeworth

On Friday 8 December, Year 6 students from St Benedict’s Primary School, Edgeworth, attended a 'Surf Safe Fun Day' at Stockton Beach run by Hunter Surf Lifesaving.

The aim of the program was for students to gain vital surf survival skills and knowledge whilst having fun and enjoying the experience.

Throughout the day, students rotated through three different types of activities. The first activity involved wading, checking depth before diving, dolphin dives, negotiating surf and catching waves while the second saw the children catching waves using ‘nipper’ boards.

This also involved learning various skills such as paddling techniques, negotiating the surf, catching waves, rollovers, duck dives and safety aspects associated with using boards.

Students also enjoyed playing beach games such as beach flags and beach soccer.

The day concluded with an educational beach walk where the students were taught to identify rips and wave types.

All students had a wonderful day and enjoyed all the activities with board riding being the highlight.

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