St John Vianney presents...‘Detention into Another Dimension’

Artistic Director of ASPIRE, Anna Kerrigan, visited St John Vianney Primary School, Morisset, throughout the year to develop with students the key fundamentals of good storytelling; that of plot, characters and script.

With teacher, Mrs Roach at the helm as Director of the musical and with the support from each of the class teachers, they worked with the students over a ten-week program. The result of this work culminated into the musical, “Detention into Another Dimension”.

Parents were tremendously impressed with their budding dramatic stars sharing lots of positive comments not to mention filling their memory cards capturing the performance.

The biggest highlight of the musical was that the students of St John Vianney had a great time!

“Detention into Another Dimension” took the audience on a journey through a magical portal from the drudgery of school detention to a land-of-make-believe.

A group of students from St John’s with the support of many diverse characters such as minions, superheroes, fairytale characters, villains and radio-active smurfs, took on the mayor of the town to solve the mystery of the rubbish that’s being dumped everywhere.

The music throughout the performance was fun and the students from each class put together some great routines to express their part in the performance. 

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