Local business lends a hand at St Columban's

Last week, 18 team members from local business Cummins Newcastle, volunteered two days of their time to 'spruce up' St Columban's Primary School, Mayfield, in preparation for the upcoming Centenary celebrations.

The volunteer team worked to repaint exterior walls, seating, handrails, handball courts and stairs. They also prepared the new Dominican garden for paving. 

The team at Cummins are encouraged and supported to volunteer in their community as part of their Community Involvement Program, with the company releasing staff from their duties to participate in this initiative.

Chris Heffernan, Parts Manager of Cummins, said the employees enjoy volunteering their time and helping to make needed improvements in the community.

"Sharing the workload to help complete some much needed maintenance and safety improvements at St Columban's aligns with the Cummins Corporate Values and Mission- 'To serve and improve the communities in which we live'," said Mr Heffernan.

"The employees are looking forward to hearing how the children enjoy their freshly painted playground.”

St Columban's principal, Jennifer Crichton, shared her gratitude for the support of Cummins in refreshing and maintaining the school.

"We teach our students about the Dominican commitment to serving others and here we have a wonderful example in the Cummins employees," said Ms Crichton.

"This assistance has saved the school a considerable amount of money on maintenance costs and helped to provide students with a safer and more pleasant environment. We would be happy to have their hard workers visit our school any time!”

St Columban's Primary School will be celebrating their Centenary on August 12. For more information, please visit their website.

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