A Student Well-Being and Mental Health Framework for Secondary Schools

MindMatters has been an important student mental health and well-being initiative across Australia for many years, particularly for our secondary schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

Developed in 2000, this initiative has undergone a number of significant changes and is now managed through Beyond Blue and Principals Australia Institute under commission from the Australian Government Department of Health.

MindMatters has been updated to include new research and understandings about adolescent mental health and well-being. It also offers a new suite of practical and relevant resources and strategies that provide a rich source of support for school communities in meeting the mental health needs of students.

The new MindMatters is based on a four component framework for assisting schools to build strong and sustainable relationships:

  • Component 1: Positive School Community
  • Component 2: Student Skills for Resilience
  • Component 3: Parents and Families
  • Component 4: Support for Students Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties.

This framework aligns well with the KidsMatter initiative that many of our primary schools are involved with.

The framework provides a comprehensive view of mental health across the whole school community and is premised on a preventative approach that allows schools to flexibly respond to the particular needs of their own communities.

Because promotion, prevention and early intervention are central tenets of MindMatters, the framework provides a key way for secondary schools to build and advance their provision of a safe and supportive environment for all students.

Registering with MindMatters is free and navigation through the site is straightforward. Once registered with your own account, access is provided to a personal dashboard, the professional learning modules contained within each of the four framework components, newsletters, webinars and support from MindMatters project officers, as well as a wealth of highly engaging downloadable documents, videos and classroom resources.

The Student Support Unit is also available to provide ongoing advice and support to teachers and schools in the implementation of MindMatters.

To find out more or to register with MindMatters, please click here.

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