Mathematics engages inquisitive minds

Last Wednesday, Stages 2 and 3 of St Benedict’s Primary School, Edgeworth, participated enthusiastically in the Inquisitive Minds Mathematics workshop.

Working in pairs and led by Debbie and Derek, all the students were thoroughly engaged as they learned, practised and applied skills to a huge variety of problem-solving tasks. Students were writing equations, drawing pictures, working backwards, reasoning and manipulating materials. They were also motivated to try some individual challenges. Comments from students included, “It was fun! We enjoyed it! Oh, now I get it! Oh, it says largest even number! Yes, we did it!”

All students earned rewards throughout the workshop. The Stage 2 Inquisitive Minds champions were Lachlan Arnold and Travis Baker, with Ellie Catalovski and Kaylin Roberts a close second. Rhyer Henshaw and Calum Crawford were Stage 3 champions, followed closely by Jessica Rowe and Josie Bracken.

It was an interesting and productive workshop. We can definitely adapt some aspects of the workshop for use in our own Mathematics classrooms. We send a big thank you to Mrs Baker for organising the workshop.

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Michelle Greaves Image
Michelle Greaves

Michelle Greaves is a teacher at St Benedict’s at Edgeworth. 

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