St Joseph's students to the rescue

Twenty students from St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen, graduated from the NSW SES cadet program last week, learning valuable lessons outside the classroom.

The Year 11 and Year 12 students participated in a five-day NSW State Emergency Service cadet program.

Throughout the week they learned skills used in the service, including valuable life skills like team work and communication.

The group also got a chance to visit the Muswellbrook SES unit.

They were able to simulate saving someone from a collapsing building, as well as saving someone from a river.

Through their experiences in the program, three students decided to become SES members, which is possible from 16 years of age.

“We don’t do it as a recruitment drive – that’s a bonus,” local controller of City of Newcastle SES, and Hunter Region SES cadet program coordinator Jim McArthur said.

On Wednesday, the group of students received a certificate to congratulate them on graduating from the course.

Mr McArthur said participation in the program would look good on the students’ resumes.

St Joseph’s High School principal John Tobin said the school was very happy to have the SES volunteer their services.

Regional controller for Hunter Region Alex McFadden spoke about the program at the special presentation assembly on Wednesday.

“Throughout the NSW SES cadet program, the cadets have had the opportunity to be exposed to the inner workings of the NSW SES,” she said.

“They have learnt about the importance of developing community resilience, the benefits to be gained from volunteering as well as developing some individual life skills along the way.”

Story originally published by The Muswellbrook Chronicle and can be read here.
Photograph courtesy of Betina Hughes.

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