Success OnSTAGE for St Clare’s Taree

A group of students of St Clare’s High School, Taree, has ended Year 12 on a high note after an entire class was selected for OnSTAGE on the basis of its HSC Drama group performance.

OnSTAGE is a presentation and exhibition of group and individual performances and projects by Higher School Certificate Drama students. The OnSTAGE season at the Seymour Centre, Sydney, is presented by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW and the NSW Department of Education.

The students of Year 12 Drama were taught, encouraged, inspired and mentored by teacher Callam Howard and so perhaps it’s unsurprising that Callam was named ‘teacher of excellence’ for 2016.

As if all that wasn’t enough, student Nicholas Smith has been selected to perform his monologue “Bronson” OnSTAGE. Teacher Callam Howard explained, “Nick’s piece was adapted from the film Bronson, which tells the story of Britain’s most violent prisoner and his ‘rise’ to attain this title. The character thrives in his prison environment, treating daily life as if it were a theatre production in which he has cast himself as the lead role.

“Nicholas is a natural performer with an outstanding stage presence that allowed him to shine on performance day and truly bring life to such a dynamic and complicated character. We look forward to watching him represent the school and congratulate him on this momentous achievement.”

Nic Smith is naturally chuffed and readily acknowledged his teacher’s role, “Being selected for OnSTAGE is a huge personal accomplishment. I would not have this opportunity without the support of my classmates and my good friend and extraordinary teacher Callam Howard. I’ll cherish this opportunity to perform amongst the state’s most gifted students and look forward to representing my school with pride.”

St Clare’s High School has had a multitude of Drama nominations over the last five years but having a class nominated, including two group performances and two monologues, as well as a teacher and a student, is extraordinary. This success is a rare tribute to the standing and quality of Drama at St Clare’s and the students’ hard work throughout their schooling.

Principal Peter Nicholls is delighted with the success of the students and Callam, saying, “OnSTAGE, showcases the eight best HSC Drama performances from across New South Wales. This is an outstanding accolade. For Nicholas Smith to be selected to perform in the OnSTAGE event is a rare privilege, a wonderful outcome for Nic and a feather in the cap of his teacher Callam Howard. The St Clare’s community congratulates Nic and we look forward to taking the drama students of 2017 to see one of their own perform.”


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