Students stand for gender equality and women’s rights with Social Justice Awareness Day

On Thursday, 22 September, the students and teachers of All Saints College, St Peter’s Campus, Maitland stood together in support of women’s rights and gender equality for the school’s Social Justice Awareness Day.

The day, which concluded with a social justice sleep out, saw students challenging gender stereotypes, breaking down stigmas and building empowerment across the St Peter’s Campus. This year marks the fifth year of social justice sleep outs at the school. 

In the morning, students participated in gender role reversal activities that focused on gender stigmas and twisting traditional role perceptions associated with occupations. Students also participated in an Equal Playing Field workshop with Jillaroo Caitlin Moran and NRL Maitland that will focus on limiting sporting stereotypes and the barriers that exist in sport for women. 

CEO of Domestic Violence NSW, Moo Baulch and Domestic Violence activist, Kay Schubach presented on the day, talking to students about extreme cases of gender inequality in our society with a focus on discrimination, violence, racism, women’s rights and respectful relationships.

“As a school community, we feel we should be leading the way in stopping gender inequality and violent behaviours when our students are at such a critical age,” says school Social Justice Coordinator, Emma Candlish.

“We want to ensure our students, their families and our wider community should never feel unworthy because of their gender.”

Teachers and students saw out the day with a social justice sleep out which focused on standing in solidarity for empowerment and breaking down the stigma around gender.

Students also sold white ribbons and wristbands throughout the day in support of White Ribbon Day as a means of raising money and awareness surrounding the societal issue of domestic violence and the impact it has on families.

Each year, All Saints College, St Peter’s campus holds a Social Justice Awareness Day which focuses on engaging the youth in our community in issues that are in need of societal attention.

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