Celebration of St John Vianney Feast Day

On Thursday, 4 August, the staff, students, parents and parish community of St John Vianney Primary School, Morisset, celebrated the Feast Day of the school’s name.

A mass was led by Father Reg which was followed by morning tea in the school hall for all to enjoy.

The school community learned about St John Vianney, a man who had struggles but always persevered and looked ahead.

John thought people were careless about practicing their faith, so he attempted to draw them back to God and Christian living. As a result people came to celebrate the sacraments and listen to his homilies, with people from all over France and other countries coming to consult him. Father Vianney continued his hard, yet simple, way of prayer, fasting and penance throughout his life.  

We are proud to be named after this patron saint of clergy.

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