Jacob’s famished fields IMAGE Aurora

Jacob’s famished fields

February 01, 2020 Lizzie Snedden

With the prolonged absence of steady rainfall across the country, images of arid and cracked landscapes, dust storms and cattle with bones protruding are commonplace. Hostage to severe weather conditions, the lack of moisture has far-reaching impacts.

Of some new ‘things’ IMAGE Aurora

Of some new ‘things’

February 01, 2020 Bishop Bill Wright

Where I lived when I was a teenager, one of the aspirations of many a Catholic schoolboy was to be dating a girl from PLC, the Presbyterian Ladies College.

Take the chance to respond IMAGE Aurora

Take the chance to respond

February 01, 2020 Geoff Mulhearn

As a priest who sat through most of the special commission hearings in Newcastle, and some of the hearings of the royal commission in Sydney, I have heard firsthand of the damage of sexual abuse on those who experienced it.

Families, not orphanages  IMAGE Aurora

Families, not orphanages

February 01, 2020 Therese Osland

Imagine being 12 years old and living in an orphanage in rural Kenya with no family around you and no other pathway in your life until you turn 18, when you must leave to find your own way in the world. You don’t really know your story and you don’t belong to anyone.  You are alone.

Life can be a beach IMAGE Aurora

Life can be a beach

February 04, 2020 Brittany Gonzalez

Refugee programs offered by the Development and Relief Agency (DARA) continue to expand, providing vital support to new Australian immigrants.

Spiritual journey to excellence in learning IMAGE Aurora

Spiritual journey to excellence in learning

February 05, 2020 Darrell Croker

The newly appointed principal of St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton, brings a commitment to the vitality of learning and an understanding he will be surrounded by like-minded passionate educators and learners.  

Crossing that curricular bridge IMAGE Aurora

Crossing that curricular bridge

February 06, 2020 Brett Donohoe

St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm adopted cross-curricular work and co-teaching in its foundation year in 2018 through the clustering of subjects and teachers.

Levy creates innovative learning environment IMAGE Aurora

Levy creates innovative learning environment

February 07, 2020 Sean Scanlon

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is expected to spend more than $92 million on school infrastructure in 2020, with the Federal and State Governments committing a combined $4m in funding.

School’s out forever IMAGE Aurora

School’s out forever

February 11, 2020 Darrell Croker

“Customers don’t really care that your ATAR was 98.5 if their food’s late.”

Faith in the system IMAGE Aurora

Faith in the system

February 12, 2020 Brittany Gonzalez

Elizabeth Porter is a licensed conveyancer and director of Porter Veritas Conveyancing, which offers expert contract advice for purchasers, and contract preparation and advice for vendors.

Eclectic festival catches the ear IMAGE Aurora

Eclectic festival catches the ear

February 12, 2020 Alexander Foster

Attendees of the three-day Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) in Perth late last year received sage advice as well as enjoying workshops and live performances.

Seeking God through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults IMAGE Aurora

Seeking God through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

February 10, 2020 Rosemary McAllister

As humans, our lives are not static. We grow and learn to understand the truths about ourselves, others and the world around us through relationships.

Flames fan distress IMAGE Aurora

Flames fan distress

February 14, 2020 Tanya Russell

Q: The bushfires across Australia have significantly impacted on me and my children. Although we are lucky and not directly affected, my children and I feel distressed and helpless due to the loss and devastation. One of our neighbours lost their home in the fires and I want to help. What can I do to get through this and make sense of it all?

Feast before fasting IMAGE Aurora

Feast before fasting

February 17, 2020 Brooke Robinson

Lent begins this year on 26 February. It is an important time on the Catholic calendar, as we prepare for Easter.

OOSH to the holiday rescue IMAGE Aurora

OOSH to the holiday rescue

February 18, 2020 Brooke Robinson

The rise in dual-income families has typically left parents short on care options during the school holidays but St Nicholas OOSH has stepped in to fill the gap and the kids are loving it.

Relationships give meaning to life IMAGE Aurora

Relationships give meaning to life

February 19, 2020 Rev Jamie Calder

Christian theology of the Catholic variety is essentially practical. It is tapping into an ongoing meditation on the nature and purposes inherent in all our relationships.

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