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Saintly scholar

October 04, 2019 Bishop Bill Wright

In Rome on October 13, Pope Francis will canonise John Henry Newman, the great 19th-century English scholar, writer and preacher. I should like to be there, because Newman has been a significant religious influence in my life but, as I will have just returned from the diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land, it would be a bit rich to shoot off overseas again, even for JHN.

Flying into first place IMAGE Aurora

Flying into first place

October 04, 2019 Amy Theodore

Making and flying paper planes used to be a classroom diversion that ended up with children in strife, but now it’s an important component of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Creative concepts on canvas IMAGE Aurora

Creative concepts on canvas

October 04, 2019 Amanda Skehan

As part of NAIDOC Week celebrations across the Diocese for 2019, a blank canvas was delivered to each secondary school and they were tasked with creating an artwork that shared a story or explored a concept around this year’s theme, Voice. Treaty. Truth.

Keeping up appearances IMAGE Aurora

Keeping up appearances

October 04, 2019 Todd Dagwell

The internet can be a useful tool, but an increasing number of men and women are reporting relationship conflict due to a partner spending too much time online instead of with them, Relationships Australia research reports.

Religious freedom IMAGE Aurora

Religious freedom

October 04, 2019 Bishop Bill Wright

Humanity has come rather late to the notion of religious freedom.

Teens and their screens IMAGE Aurora

Teens and their screens

October 04, 2019 Darrell Croker

The viewing of online pornography among teenage boys in Australia is reaching worrying proportions. The amount of time youth of both genders devote to devices is also a concern, as is the continued sexualisation of girls.

Hear, hear to recognition IMAGE Aurora

Hear, hear to recognition

October 04, 2019 Brooke Robinson

Dedicated nun and teacher Patricia Bailey OP has been acknowledged for her 44 years of service to education, particularly for deaf and hearing-impaired children, with a Medal of the Order of Australia.

You’re the voice IMAGE Aurora

You’re the voice

October 04, 2019 Darrell Croker

Regular attendees of Sacred Heart Cathedral, particularly those at weekend masses, would be familiar with a unique singing voice. It belongs to Catherine Mahony, and when she advocates on behalf of those with a disability that voice goes beyond hymns to become an expression of her commitment to social justice.

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