A season of repentance IMAGE Aurora Magazine

A season of repentance

April 05, 2017 Comments Bishop Bill Wright

Of course, I should have been thinking about repentance and forgiveness, sin and grace, because we are in Lent. But I actually came to be thinking about these things because I had a talk to give about Martin Luther, to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this year. Luther’s reformation was very much caught up with the notion of repentance.


Achieving goals, one step at a time IMAGE Social Services

Achieving goals, one step at a time

April 03, 2017 Comments Bryn Hoskins

Troy is up early. He’s packed his bag with pen and note book and asks Hayley, his Care Team Co-ordinator, for the first but definitely not the last time “When are we going?”


Give Us A Sign returns for 2017 IMAGE Local Church

Give Us A Sign returns for 2017

April 26, 2017 Comments Kate Bennett

Following its launch in 2015, the local network of Christian churches – including Catholic, Anglican and the Uniting Church are again joining together throughout the month of May for Give Us A Sign campaign.


Tasting cultural traditions IMAGE Early Education

Tasting cultural traditions

April 26, 2017 Comments Madeline Ingold

The Creative Cubs have been exploring various cultures – drawing on similarities to, and differences from, our own through meaningful conversations and detailed observations. As the children have been showing a great interest in food and cooking during role play in home corner, we decided it was the perfect time to explore various cuisines. To begin, the children were provided with various images of culturally identifiable foods. Many of the children recognised in a simplistic way how multicultural Australia really is in terms of food consumption as many of the food items displayed were eaten by the children and their families.

The next step of our journey into cultural customs included exploring various dining and eating customs. The children were intrigued by watching how the cultures ate their foods. Through the exploration of video clips, we also watched traditional food cooking methods such as how Fijians cook food underground with a fire and banana leaves.

“We cook with pots and pans” – Cooper

“We use a barbecue at home to cook” – Florrie

With the huge variety of yummy meals prepared daily for us at school, we have been able to explore further different cultural traditions involving food. We have discussed the origin of the food prepared for us (Mexican, Italian, Asian, Indian to name a few) and have explored ways of eating other than with a fork. We have used corn chips to scoop up Nachos, chop sticks to eat beef stir fry and pappadums to scoop up curry. Needless to say, we have really enjoyed this whole experience of exploring cultural ways of being and have shown great delight in making new discoveries and trying new foods. Our biggest amazement was watching and learning how to use chopsticks, which are not used just to pick up food items, but also for rolling, cutting, peeling and mixing during the food preparation process!


While Syria suffers, Iraq, Libya and Vietnam come to mind IMAGE Opinion & Comment
TUESDAYS WITH TERESA: Prayer and reflection for Easter and Anzac Day IMAGE Opinion & Comment


A praying community with a family feeling IMAGE Year in Review

A praying community with a family feeling

February 07, 2017 Jessie Cairns

Many of you reading this article will have seen invitations to Adoration, or as this experience is affectionately called locally, Seven @ Sacred Heart (SASH).

Good people telling good news in good ways IMAGE Year in Review

Good people telling good news in good ways

January 13, 2017 Comments Tracey Edstein

When he teaches adult groups under the auspices of the Tenison Woods Education Centre (TWEC), Michael O’Connor, parishioner of Wallsend, describes himself in terms of “four Xes”.