St Mary’s Towers Online Retreats

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, St Mary's Towers Retreat Centre will be offering their September and October programs online!


If you are looking to nurture your spirituality, you may be interested in attending one of the following online retreats.

Listen to our Earth, it's people and our God

6 Day Online Retreat: 24-29 September

Daily Format: 10:30AM Reflection, 7:00PM Prayer

Our Earth and all of creation cries out to be heard, to reveal the message of God’s heart for us today. This retreat offers you time and space to listen, with our God to the Cry of the Earth in keeping with the themes of this year’s Social Justice Statement. Themes for the six days: Listening to our communities in Australia, Listening to our Neighbours in the World, Listening to the Word of God in Creation, Listening to the Word of God in Scripture, Listening to Wisdom throughout time, Listening to the Heart of God speaking to my Heart.

A Simple Prayer Weekend

4 Day Online Long Weekend Retreat: 1-4 October

This simple retreat over a long weekend is designed to encourage you in your prayer. We all pray in different ways. At certain times in our lives, we will find our prayer changing. This is normal, natural, and part of the exciting and never-ending journey that is our spiritual life. While there are many books written on how to pray, our best guide in this matter is Jesus himself. Jesus teaches us what it means to pray – to be in relationship with God. In the gospels we always find him seeking quiet places in the mountains to pray alone. Silence, solitude and a careful attentiveness to the moment all contribute to this relationship.

The Hidden Wisdom of Women in the Gospels

3 Day Online Retreat: 8-10 October

The gospels speak of many women but with very little detail …
To learn more about these women, we need to learn to read between the lines with our own intuitive hearts. (Martha Driscoll OCSO). This retreat is a chance to allow some of these women to come alive and speak to us in our lives today. We will spend time with Martha and Mary, the Samaritan Woman at the Well and Mary of Magdala.


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