Finding God in Australia | Fr John Hill

Father John Hill will be holding a retreat at St Clement's Galong from 6-8 August, 'Finding God in Australia'.

Bushfires, drought, the effects of Covid-19, church scandals - there are so many challenges to our faith in today's Australia.

This retreat offers you the chance to come to a place of quiet, to take stock of your own life, to reflect about life here in Australia and to renew the foundations of faith for the future.

In the retreat we will use the beauty and quiet of St Clement’s to help us experience the presence of God,to pray and celebrate together and see how God is at work in our land and our lives.


Date: Friday 6 August - Saturday 8 August

Location: St Clement's Retreat, Galong

Cost: Ensuite room $350, shared facilities $300

RSVP: or phone 02 6380 5222 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

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