‘What am I supposed to be doing with my life?’

This is a question that most people must contend with from time to time. We are often caught between the pressures of external sources and internal longings.

It is all well and good when the external and internal align, but when they do not, we often feel lost in our search for who or what we are meant to become. The answer, if we are lucky, is found after years of trial and error, success and failures and contemplating the ‘niggle’ that calls us to serve.

The Diocese of Maitland Newcastle offers a variety of ministry services to the local community and many rewarding career opportunities for those who feel called to work in this field. The Pastoral Placement Program offers a yearlong encounter in these ministerial occupations. Pastoral Ministries are calling for applications for the 2021 intake of participants for this unique program. (Please see details below to apply).

The Pastoral Placement Program has opened not only my eyes, but my heart as well to exploring God’s work. It has given me the opportunity to discover and improve on the talents that I knew and did not know I had. It has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone in meeting new people, talking about Jesus with strangers, and welcoming the Holy Spirit to take total control of not only my work life, but my whole life. Natalee Bonimini (Pastoral Placement Participant 2020)

The Pastoral Placement Program (more commonly known as the PPP) is a 10 hour a week part-time paid position. This program aims to provide work experience for those seeking to explore opportunities to serve God and God’s people through the various ministries of the Catholic Church. The ten hours include 6 hours in a ministry work placement and 4 hours serving the needs of a local parish. Faith-Formation opportunities include training in clinical pastoral education, unpacking the liturgy, Special Religious Education and through the variety of placement and parish experiences. These formation opportunities provide participants with a ‘world view’ of some of the injustices that occur and how the church aims to resolve these inequalities through providing quality ministry services.

Throughout the year the participants develop, pitch and launch a unique creative event or service that aims to provide a solution to an injustice that has been highlighted to them through their various placements. This project is showcased at the end of year at a Presentation Day. This day also reflects on the challenges and celebrates the achievements that have occurred throughout the year.

The PPP enabled me to further grow in my faith with like-minded individuals and explore together where we might be being called. Sam Hill (Pastoral Placement Participant 2015)

What if the gifts and talents you have been given are to make a difference in the lives of others? Are you ready to discover the “God calling” you have on your life and dare to share this with the world?  If so, then enquire about participating in this wonderful program. It is a year of your life where you will develop skills in ministry, acquire a greater understanding of the Catholic faith and traditions, and discover the purpose God has for you! Are you ready to answer the ‘niggle’?

For more information please go to the Pastoral Placement Website @ https://www.mn.catholic.org.au/church-mission/catholic-life/pastoral-placement-program/


Email: formed@mn.catholic.org.au  Phone: 4979 1193

To apply: https://www.mn.catholic.org.au/about/careers/ applications close Friday 13 November 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you


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Natasha Brotherton Image
Natasha Brotherton

Natasha Brotherton is Diocesan Education Officer, Pastoral Ministries